Nature schooling should be accessible to all children.  That is our dream.  But unfortunately it is not feasible for some families.

We have families that approach us about enrolling their child into our 'one day each week' programme, but they are unable to afford the termly fees.  These are families with children who do not 'fit' into the mainstream classroom for various educational, social and emotional reasons.  These children would so greatly benefit from our educational nature based programme.

We are a small private business, not funded by the Ministry of Education, and we are very proud to be a social enterprise company.  Into Nature School does sponsor one child per term for the 'one day each week' programme and we wish we could accommodate all the enquiries we receive, but we are not in the position to be able to.

If you are interested in sponsoring a child's fees for a term, or for the year, we're keen to hear from you.  Please phone or email us at intonatureschool@gmail.com to discuss discuss the options, and the children awaiting sponsorship.  We'd love to hear from you! 

Or alternatively, if you would like your sponsorship of a child's fees to remain private, you may deposit the fees directly into the bank account below.
Into Nature School
Reference: Sponsorship
Particulars: Termly fees/Yearly fees
ASB Account No.  12-3454-0032123-00

Here's to a future where more children can learn and grow in a calm, inspiring and healing environment.
Thank you, Hillary and Amy.


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