Into Nature School

"To raise a nature-bonded child is to raise a rebel, a dreamer, an innovator...
someone who will walk their own verdant, winding path".

A Perfectly Balanced Sensory Experience

Into Nature School offers a perfectly balanced sensory experience.
It inspires the mind, and it is the ideal setting for evaluating risks and accepting challenges.

"Kids are physically tired but mentally and emotionally revived after a day at
Nature School." 
Quote from a parent

Come spend 'one day a week' immersed in our Kahikatea forest
located at Karamu in the Waikato.

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Let Your Children FIND THEIR WILD in the October School Holidays

October School Holiday Programme at Karamu, Te Pahu...
10 days of FUN to be had in the October school holidays!

We are OPEN from
Monday 3rd to Friday 7th
Monday 10th to Friday 14th
at Karamu, Te Pahu, Hamilton

Book your children into our Finding Wild school holiday programme where they will
spend their days in our forest playing and exploring amongst the trees,
swimming and fishing, making new friends and cooking delicious food over the firepit.

We offer a 100% device-free school holiday programme for primary and intermediate aged children.
We will be open for you to drop your child/ren off from 8.30am and for pick up till 3.30pm.

Click the button below and complete the enrolment form to secure a spot for your child/ren.

Enrolments are Now Open for Term 3, 2022

We are taking enrolments for Term 3, 2022.

We have TWO sites that Into Nature School will be operating from in 2022.

We are starting 2022 by opening 1 day a week at our Tirohanga Rd, Roto-o-Rangi site (Wednesdays) and
3 days a week at our Karamu, Te Pahu site (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays).

We offer a 100% device-free programme for primary and intermediate aged children.

If you would like to enrol into our termly programme for 2022 please complete
the enrolment form by clicking the button below.

We've Opened A Second Site...on Tirohanga Rd, Roto-o-Rangi near Cambridge


We're very excited to have opened a second Nature School here in the Waikato!

If you live in Cambridge, Te Awamutu, Otorohanga or anywhere in-between you may be interested in joining us at
Tirohanga Rd, Roto-o-Rangi 'one day a week' during term time in 2022.

Our fantastic staff from our Karamu site will also be educating the children at our new site - just like the children, they'll also be working 'one day a week' (Wednesdays) near Cambridge.

If you'd like to enrol your child/ren please click the link below to complete the enrolment form.

Meet our Wonderful Team of Educators



Meet Trea - She's a gentle natured educator and the children adore her!  She's really sporty and loves spending time coaching and educating children, especially in the great outdoors.  You'll often find Trea sitting quietly talking with children, deep in conversation explaining something tricky or you can find her challenging them to running races or playing the guitar around the firepit.  She's our educator extraordinaire!



Meet Patrick - He is crazy passionate about rugby but he's also super keen on all sports so his work with Kelly Sports supported his sport craze just nicely...which also comes in very handy at Into Nature School with our energetic bunch of children.   Our children love learning with Patrick - they are often seen dragging him off to show him something interesting that they've found and he's always up for an adventure!



Meet Leon - He's just finished his Teaching Degree at Waikato University and we are so happy he wants to teach in our outdoor classroom.  Leon has an amazing zest for life!  The children love being around him as his personality is infectious.  He sees the forest in the same way the children do - with a sense of awe and wonder.  Leon is fantastic at explaining and demonstrating how to make something and how to solve problems - which comes in very handy in the forest as no two days are ever the same.



Meet Noel (married to Amy), he's our Health & Safety Expert.  He's also our guy that gets stuff done! He's handy with the tools and always busy being creative, constructing something that makes Into Nature School just that little bit special for the children.  No job is too big or too little for Noel - he's just happy to be making a difference to the lives of the children in a practical way.



Meet Wilf (married to Hillary), he's our BFG - Big Friendly Giant. Wilf's background is in law enforcement so he just loves spending time at Into Nature School on his days off because it's a great de-stresser.  Wilf loves nothing better than taking the children on long hikes exploring the hills behind our forest, the children trying to keep up with him (remember he's a giant) as they go adventuring.

Meet the Directors/Educators



Amy Lake
021 213 7629



Hillary Paalvast
027 329 7741

We're Amy and Hillary, the Directors and Educators at Into Nature School.  We are both primary trained teachers, each with 20 years of teaching experience within the Hamilton West, Waikato area.  Through our time in the classroom we've seen a decline in children having the opportunity to learn in the outdoors.  We are committed to seeing children off devices and playing outside, exploring and creating in all weather.

We dreamed of a school in the native bush where children could run free, be inspired to create, explore and learn regardless of their academic abilities.  We dreamed of a place where children would feel included and accepted. Where they would feel respected, cared for and nurtured.  We dreamed of a concept where learning in a mixed aged group is encouraged and celebrated. Where different levels of social skills isn't a barrier to children living their best life because being immersed in nature is the greatest teacher and the ultimate healer.

Our Location at Karamu

Into Nature School, Smith Rd, Karamu, Te Pahu, Hamilton

Our Location at Roto-o-Rangi

Into Nature School, Tirohanga Rd, Roto-o-Rangi, Cambridge


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