Mud Play

The Benefits of Mud Play

It can’t hurt you. It is 100% natural. It is also super fun to roll in!Other than some washable mess, mud is not really something that we need to stress over.  In fact, playing in muddy puddles does actually offer some important health benefits.It is important that children have uninterrupted time to play with mud imaginatively outdoors and experience nature. This facilitates opportunities for them to problem solve, come up with and explore ideas and exercise their minds!

Mud Play encourages creativity in children. It can also be soothing and relaxing, providing an outlet for children to express their feelings through their senses and exploration.

Mud Play is important for children to develop and practice their fine and gross motor skills, increase awareness of their senses, particularly touch, improve hand/eye coordination and develop their social and emotional skills, including taking turns, leading and following directions.

Through Mud Play, children develop a sense of self and belonging of their place in the world around them. Being in and around nature provides children with opportunities to explore nature, ground themselves and learn to care for the environment and the world around them.

Mud Play is not focused on making or producing something with instruction and rules. It is about the process, not the product.  This is what makes Mud Play so enjoyable for children, they are free from the pressures of ‘getting it right’ or risking it not being ‘perfect’, it is learning to play and playing to learn free from restrictions with maximum benefit - Play Group Supporting Families


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