Hut Building

Benefits of Hut Building

Hut building in nature is 'loose parts' play with natural elements, giving children a chance to connect with nature and enjoy the textures of the wood and bark.  It is also 'gross motor' play, involving children's whole bodies and allowing them to exert lots of energy in lifting and carrying the wood, and running from place to place to collect more while exploring the environment.

It takes lots of planning and co-ordination to lift and place large branches, and it allows children to work on their engineering skills as they work out the best way to form a strong structure that will hold up well and allow them to get inside.

Hut building helps children to work together, building their team work and social skills.  It's not easy or fun to build a hut alone!  Since it's a joint effort, there is no winning or losing, and everyone feels equally as proud of the end result.

Making a hut also gives children a way to combine their creativity with outdoor play.  Great for energetic children who are less keen on sit down crafts.  How to design the hut? How to decorate it? There are lots of ways for children to add their touch of personality and make it their own.  Of course, this activity is perfect for imaginary play too.  Once the hut is built it can become a house, a cave, a fortress, or whatever their heart desires.


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